Central Kalahari game reserve (CKGR)

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Central Kalahari game reserve (CKGR)

Did you know?

Central Kalahari game reserve (CKGR) is the largest reserve in Southern Africa, and second largest in the world. It larger than the Netherlands.

It is the only reserve that guarantees you ‘absolute ownership’ of the land, being the only one in the entire surrounding! Apart from the space, CKGR has amazing landscape; the Kalahari sands. Acacias, Kalahari apple leaf, dotted sand dunes, pans and dry fossil river valleys. After good rains between November and April, the reserve spring to life attracting lots of antelopes (large heads of springboks, gemsbok, hartebeest, elands and giraffe). Other desert animals such as bat-eared fox, cheetahs, black-mane lions, tortoise and other small animals.

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