Okavango River

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Okavango River

The Okavango River is perennial and is found in northern Botswana, after traveling through Angola and Namibia, the river is finally swallowed by the Kalahari Desert, forming a swamp known as the Okavango delta. The river is referred to as the Panhandle, and the pan being the delta.

Around the panhandle are exciting features and tourists activities, which include: fishing, Mokoro, house boat, boat cruises and transfers to Seronga village, Tsodilo hills excursion and the caves such xwihaba.

The highlight for fishermen and women is in October when the baitfish are being preyed on by the barbel (catfish), bream and tigerfish. The birds of prey such as fish eagle, egrets and herons also take part in this extremely fascinating event.

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